Standardized Tests (Bedtime)

$29.99 SUBSCRIPTION Allows Unlimited Streaming of ALL RECORDINGS on our site for YOUR ENTIRE FAMILY (including those away at college).  

Is your child preparing to take the ACT, SAT, PSAT or any of the other Standardized Tests? One of the most important things we do at In the Zone, is help the wonderful students we work with learn to effortlessly control negative stress and anxiety, and at the same time, put a few great studying and test-taking tips inside the automatic part of their minds, which allows the positive results to happen automatically.

Like a kinked hose not letting the water flow freely, unwanted stress and anxiety puts a stranglehold on our flow of information, making it almost impossible for the correct answers to freely move from our head to our pencils. Have your child stream this MP3 recording from their phone when they're ready to go to sleep. Our bedtime recordings are perfect for busy students and adults, since most of the "magic" happens at night, as our head hits the pillow!

(Designed for use at bedtime, if you'd like to use this at other times, mentally tell yourself, prior to the recording beginning, that at the end of the recording, you will awaken, refreshed and energized. We recommend setting an alarm, ...just in case :) - NEVER use these recordings while driving or operating machinery.)

(Created by Drake Eastburn, Lynsi Eastburn and Sandy Bain)