Stress Relief

$29.99 SUBSCRIPTION Allows Unlimited Streaming of ALL RECORDINGS on our site for YOUR ENTIRE FAMILY (including those away at college).
Sometimes life can feel a bit (or a lot) overwhelming. We help our clients gain control of their stress and anxieties, bringing a sense of calm and happiness into their lives.
Our team has helped over 30,000 clients. Now, it's your turn. Combining the latest in scientific research with time-proven methods, we'll help you gain control over your stress levels and anxieties, quickly, and easily. Just IMAGINE... You're CALM & RELAXED, stress & anxieties are gone. No longer afraid & unsure, rather COURAGEOUS & CONFIDENT. RECHARGED & REFOCUSED, your mind is clear, your body's energized. Now, stop imagining, and make this happen. You're no good to the ones you love unless you're at your best.  
(Designed for use at bedtime, if you'd like to use this at other times, mentally tell yourself, prior to the recording beginning, that at the end of the recording, you will awaken, refreshed and energized. We recommend setting an alarm, ...just in case :) - NEVER use these recordings while driving or operating machinery.)
(Created by Drake Eastburn, Lynsi Eastburn and Sandy Bain)