Teens: Stress Relief (Bedtime)

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You'll get lost in a wonderful relaxation experience, and at the same time, if you'll allow us, we'll help place some great and very useful stress-relief tools inside the "automatic" part of your mind, so they'll be there to naturally and effortlessly help you control your stress levels, starting right now, and continuing throughout your entire life.

NOTE: All of our recordings are appropriate for teens, this Stress Relief session, however, has been created with some language specifically addressing challenges found most often amongst our teenage and young adult clients.

(Designed for use at bedtime, if you'd like to use this at other times, mentally tell yourself, prior to the recording beginning, that at the end of the recording, you will awaken, refreshed and energized. We recommend setting an alarm, ...just in case :) - NEVER use these recordings while driving or operating machinery.)

(Created by Drake Eastburn, Lynsi Eastburn and Sandy Bain)