Weight Control: Feeling Full

Instead of "Trying" to Lose Weight & Get Fit using Willpower, We'll help put your Goals into the Subconscious part of your Mind, ...Where they Begin to Happen almost Automatically!

Weight Control means different things to different people. In our Private, in-person sessions, we explore with our clients different reasons why they may be experiencing challenges in that part of their lives. And one of the simplest, and often most effective methods we've found that has helped many of the wonderful people we work with, is to help the automatic, or subconscious part of their mind better recognize when they are feeling full, and then stop eating. 

It sounds simple, and often it is. Give this recording a try as many days a week as you can for a few weeks (day or at bedtime), and notice how you begin leaving more and more food on your plate, you're staying away from the fridge and pantry late at night and you're not gorging yourself to the point of feeling sick you're so full. 

We also work with sugar cravings, metabolism and many other areas to help you feel good and fit with your amazing body!

(May be used during the day, night or at bedtime. - NEVER use these recordings while driving or operating machinery.)

(Created by Drake Eastburn and Sherrie Martin)